Bitcoin Games Releases ‘The Angry Banker’, Hosts a $12,000 Tournament

Bitcoin Games releases its first exclusive slot game The Angry Banker with a $12,000 tournament!

First Exclusive Slot Game Since Launch

Our very own premium gaming portal Bitcoin Games has been bringing some of the most popular online casino games to crypto savvy gamers all around the world ever since its inception a few years ago.

Now, the popular crypto casino has released it’s biggest exclusive game till date: The Angry Banker.

The Angry Banker slot acts as a parody on how Bitcoin is changing the way that people transact with each other, in turn making the bankers angry as they can not control transactions happening on Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency.

The game features its own Jackpot that grows with each bet any player makes on the game. This pot amasses high amounts of Bitcoin and often gets very big, very fast – currently worth 25 BTC! The Angry Banker also includes big multipliers and 20 pay-lines, where each pay-line increases the chances of each bet resulting in a win.

The Angry Banker jackpot grows with each bet any player makes on the game – currently worth 25 BTC!

Two weekly tournaments are also being hosted by the casino where members can play The Angry Banker and win from a prize pool of $12,000. Top 3 players every day of the first week will grab prizes of up to 50% cashback and $1000 in cash, whereas the 2nd week will see Top 50 players claiming the lion’s share of up to $2000 each!

Bitcoin Games has been growing in popularity ever since its launch earlier in 2016. The premium gaming platform offers high quality games combined with a smooth user experience and has quickly become one of the most popular crypto casinos to play with BTC & BCH on.

The Angry Banker is now taking bets only on Bitcoin Games. Come and play the game exclusively at

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