ChainLinkGod was in High School when he started the account: X Hall of Flame

ChainLinkGod — the reason many invested their net worth into LINK in 2021 — was started by Zach Rynes when he was still in high school.

Chainlink guru Zach Rynes only doxed himself as the man behind the six-year-old pseudonymous account ChainLinkGod a month ago. But he cant stress enough the perks of starting out in crypto anonymously. 

You should probably be anon first unless you have a good reason to be doxed because you can always go doxed from being anon, but you cant go the other way around, he tells Hall of Flame.

Beginning incognito also offers you the flexibility to step back without embarrassment if your account is a flop within the community.

When Rynes started posting on X, he was just a kid.

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