Dead Coins Project Revived Through 99Bitcoins

99Bitcoin stands as a Bitcoin education portal, and has recently been appointed the new bookkeeper of the dearly departed cryptocurrencies of the world at large.

Dead Coins Has New Life Breathed Into It

In particular, the crypto education platform has taken over the Dead Coins Project, which itself is an archive of all the cryptocurrencies that has seen an untimely end, undoubtedly expensive to the final investors of the coin.

As it stands now, 99Bitcoins will be in charge of keeping track of over three thousand dead cryptocurrencies, with the platform taking its role seriously by removing all the joke submissions that heralded the death of things like Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Tether, and Tron.

The Dead Coins Project started back in the Great Crypto Bull Run of 2017, setting out to document the deaths, both timely, untimely, and downright misfortunate, of the hundreds of cryptocurrencies that were felled during the ICO boom of that time.

99Bitcoins, in turn, is actually quite older than that, having been founded back in 2013. 99Bitcoins’ goal was to offer those new to the crypto space the ability to learn about Bitcoin in a non-technical, easy-to-understand manner.

Here Lies Bitcoin, Dead 399 Times and Counting

99Bitcoins itself is quite famous for its “Bitcoin Obituaries”, which count the number of times Bitcoin has died in the eyes of certain media outlets or public figures. This ticker has counted a total of 399 times, with the most recent death knell ringing as recently as the 14th of February, 2020.

The Dead Coins page, in turn, has declared that a total of 1559 altcoins have done the Long Walk to the afterlife.

All It Needs Is Some Moderation

Ofir Beigel stands as the owner and founder of 99Bitcoins, and gave a public statement about the matter at large. In his words, the Dead Coins project is a brilliant concept, only in need of a gentle polishing to really make it stand out. He highlighted that anyone could add a new dead coin in the past. This, rather predictably, resulted in the reliability of the platform to be at the level of a Nigerian prince offering you money. Beigel explained that 99Bitcoins’ team had to sift through all of it, deleting the cryptocurrencies that were proclaimed dead while they were still active. Beigel described these coins as being “Buried alive” in a sense.

Another problem was that the Dead Coin community didn’t understand the difference between a dead coin and a “Shitcoin”, so to speak, and Beigel’s team had incorporated a definition regarding this.

All in all, 99Bitcoins incorporated a secondary filter system that allows the community to still add deceased coins, but more professional entities can verify its validity alongside this.

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