Dumbed down Google and Microsoft AI won’t discuss any presidential elections

Meanwhile, Anthropic’s Claude 2, Meta’s Llama, and OpenAI’s ChatGPT seemingly have no qualms about discussing elections past, present, or future.

Who won the 2021 German federal election? Who was the first president of the United States? Who won the 2024 presidential election? These are among the myriad questions that Google and Microsoft’s flagship artificial intelligence (AI) products now refuse to answer.

Two of the biggest players in the AI sector have apparently decided to deal with any potential election misinformation in 2024 by instructing their products to keep their metaphorical mouths shut when it comes to elections. In fact, as Wired pointed out recently, neither Microsoft’s Copilot nor Google’s Gemini models will discuss any presidential elections ever.

Follow-on questions such as “Who is Joe Biden?” and “Who is Donald Trump?” as well as “Who is the president of France?” were greeted with the same refusal to process by both models.

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