Mexico’s Third-Richest Person, Ricardo Salinas Pliego, Goes Bullish For BTC

Ricardo Salinas Pliego stands as the chairman of the Grupo Salinas conglomerate. He also boasts himself as the third-richest person in the entirety of Mexico.

Recently, however, the man seems to have taken a liking to Bitcoin, plugging the world’s first cryptocurrency within his social media platform.

Going Bullish For BTC

The billionaire has an estimated $13 billion net worth in January of this year, and has opted to change his Twitter bio over the weekend in order to include Bitcoin’s hashtag.

As one would imagine, Crypto Twitter users were all over the development, including some of Salina’s followers, over 840,000 in total. In particular, these individuals reported that the change happened just around the time when the asset surged back up to $40,000 in value.

It should be noted that Salinas had originally revealed his first Bitcoin purchase to be back in 2013, buying Bitcoin for $200 and then selling it back in the great bull run of 2017 once the price reached the $17,000 range. In his interview done in December with CoinTelegraph, he declared Bitcoin to be his best investment ever.

Billionaires Keen For Crypto

As a testament to this, Salinas had stated that his “liquid portfolio” had a 10% designation for Bitcoin investments, the rest being set into precious metal minors.

Luckily for Salinas, the man bought into Bitcoin before the recent price surge of December and January, which saw him more than double his investment as BTC hit new all-time highs. It was already said by him that these crypto holdings aren’t planned to be sold for a minimum of five years.

From Bitcoin To Doge’s Multiple Pump And Dumps

Crypto has gained a surprising amount of billionaires using social media to push various assets. Elon Musk is a bit of a binge on Dogecoin (DOGE), as he continued to push the meme-based altcoin.

This is due to how DOGE has become subject to various pump-and-dump actions enacted by investors and traders of Reddit and beyond. As a result, the meme altcoin has seen itself go up by 600% within just 30 days.

Time will tell how the DOGE debacle will pan out. Ironically enough, this isn’t even the first time the asset managed to receive these pump-and-dump strategies from third parties. A few months ago, Tiktok, the prominent social media platform, saw itself encourage a young population to pump and dump DOGE in a similar manner. It seems that the next generation of traders will pump and dump to their hearts’ contents.

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