Michael Saylor Preached Bitcoin To Thousands Of Enterprises At Virtual Conference

The recently concluded world virtual conference organized by business intelligence software firm Microstrategy had 22,000 participants. However, Chief Executive Officer of the company Michael Saylor made a major breakthrough by selling Bitcoin investments to 6,900 participants.

Saylor has been in the news lately, after series of investments in Bitcoins worth $230 million.

His company has got the attention of thousands of people who are willing to learn more about Bitcoin and its investments.

His crusade to encourage more Bitcoin adoption is right on track, considering the positive response by various entrepreneurs during the virtual conference.

The Bitcoin millionaire talked about different topics on Bitcoin, including its financial and legal perspective. He also discussed the future of cryptocurrency and how it’s going t be very relevant in the future financial landscape.

More than 8,000 participants for the Bitcoin program

His company Microstrategy made headlines when it went on a Bitcoin shopping spree late last year. In December alone, the company bought 29,646 Bitcoins. It has also begun the year with another purchase of 295 Bitcoins, which now brings the company’s Bitcoin holdings to 71,079.

According to Saylor, 8,000 participants from that number took part in his “Bitcoin for Corporations” program. “The #Bitcoin for Corporations program attracted 8,197 attendees from 6,917 different enterprises,” he stated.

These numbers are only recorded for the participants who attended the live stream of the conference. However, Taylor wants to reach all participants and other people interested.

That’s why he has invited everyone to his Bitcoin lectures for free. So, while some people are paying to learn about Bitcoin investment, an astute leader in the industry has opted to educate people for free. It shows the level of interest the billionaire has to encourage more Bitcoin adoption.

Massive influence in the Bitcoin market

Microstrategy has also opened its Bitcoin playbook and approach to Bitcoin to anyone for viewing and analysis.

Saylor expected a massive turnout for the virtual conference, but his expectations were even surpassed, especially in the area of the Bitcoin conference. He stated the response from the audience was “overwhelming.”

In 2021, Saylor has been making series of tweets about Bitcoin, which amounts to over 90% of all tweets he has posted this year. Microstrategy’s massive Bitcoin purchase also contributed to the rise in Bitcoin as there was a supply shortage of the coin in the market. The crypto community is keenly following his activities in the market, as it has had a positive influence over the industry.

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