MoonPay launches Web3 platform for brands, digital experience

Crypto firm MoonPay is targeting digital experience for brands in its new Web3 platform, a market estimated to reach over $25 billion by 2029.

Crypto infrastructure firm MoonPay has doubled down on services targeting digital experience for brands. According to an announcement on May 28, the company is launching a platform dedicated to Web3 tools for digital engagement. 

The new platform integrates pre-existing services offered by MoonPay with new tools, including crypto payments, authentication, identity verification, ticketing, tokenization and nonfungible tokens (NFT) minting.

Brands are leveraging Web3 solutions for consumer engagement by creating more interactive and personalized experiences. For instance, luxury brands like Louis Vuitton have integrated digital collectibles with physical products. In addition, brands are building loyalty programs utilizing NFTs to provide ongoing benefits and rewards.

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