NFL Player Gets a Myriad of Celebrities to Add the Bitcoin Hashtag to Their Twitter Profiles

Following the day the Tesla founder, Elon Musk, added the Bitcoin hashtag to his Twitter profile, the popular Carolina Panthers offensive tackle, Russell Okung told his social media followers to put the Bitcoin hashtag in their bio. Okung has managed to get hundreds of people to do it, but more recently the NFL player started a decent train of celebrities with very large Twitter follower counts to join the bandwagon too.

Russell Okung: ‘Plant the Flag to Declare You’re Ready for the Future’

Last week, Elon Musk put the Bitcoin hashtag in his Twitter bio, and after he did that, the price of bitcoin (BTC) coincidently saw significant gains. Musk also tweeted, “In retrospect, it was inevitable,” and a great number of crypto supporters celebrated the Tesla founder’s social media teases. After Musk did this on Twitter, the NFL player who plays offensive tackle for the Carolina Panthers, Russell Okung told his Twitter followers to follow Musk’s recent move.

“Everyone put #Bitcoin in your bio,” Okung tweeted. “Plant the flag to declare you’re ready for the future. Send me a screenshot so I know it’s real,” the football player wrote. The football player is also well known for recently telling the world that he chose to take half of his U.S. 13 million-dollar NFL salary in bitcoin payments.

“Getting paid in bitcoin is the first step of opting out of the corrupt, manipulated economy we all inhabit,” Okung explained at the time.

Following the popular NFL star’s tweet, Okung got over 2.3k in Twitter responses and a large number of screenshots. A great number of screenshots stemmed from hardcore cryptocurrency supporters and also a myriad of average people too.

Famous Celebs Join the Bitcoin Hashtag Trend

Furthermore, Okung managed to get a great number of celebrity names to participate in the Bitcoin hashtag bio trend as well. Okung has also been tweeting about some of the well known celebs joining in on planting the Bitcoin hashtag flag in their Twitter bios.

Some of the individuals included the spiritual guru Sofia Hayat, Westbrook Media’s Brad Haugen, Mr Beast, the singer Joy Villa, Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian, Skybridge Capital’s Anthony Scaramucci, and many more. Every one of the celebs has well over 100k Twitter followers or a whole lot more. “Salute to those building a decentralized future.”

Okung further tweeted on Saturday. “The message is clear: We’re not here to play a part, we’re here to take over,” the Carolina Panthers offensive tackle added. The following day, Okung also tweeted a disdainful message toward the ‘Great Reset’ agenda.

“You will own nothing, and you will be happy,” Okung tweeted referring to the November 2016 World Economic Forum (WEF) tweet that originally stems from a prediction made by a member of Danish parliament, Ida Auken. “Now translated as: ‘We will own everything, and you will let us,’” the NFL player Okung said on Sunday morning.

What do you think about all the celebrities joining Okung’s call to put the #Bitcoin hashtag in their social media profiles? Let us know what you think about this subject in the comments section below.

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