Red Envelopes and BCH: Prominent Mining Execs Jiang Zhuoer and Jihan Wu Bolster Bitcoin Cash

In recent days, bitcoin cash has seen significant gains, and supporters of the digital currency have been positive about specific developments, like the internet entrepreneur Kim Dotcom’s current support. On February 11, the Chinese New Year, the prominent bitcoin mining executives, Jiang Zhuoer and Jihan Wu joined a Satoshi’s Angels discussion channel and spoke favorably about the peer-to-peer crypto-asset bitcoin cash.

The well known mining executives, Bitmain cofounder Jihan Wu and founder Jiang Zhuoer seem very bullish about bitcoin cash (BCH), according to a couple of members from the marketing agency and umbrella organization Satoshi’s Angels. The organization Satoshi’s Angels (SA) was founded by Akane Yokoo, an organizer of the Tokyo Bitcoin Cash Meetup, and the educator and author Cindy Wang.

Red Envelopes and BCH: Prominent Mining Execs Jiang Zhuoer and Jihan Wu Bolster Bitcoin Cash

Both of the SA founders are bitcoin cash (BCH) proponents and have educated the masses on the many benefits of the decentralized crypto asset. During the Chinese New Year, the SA founders and a number of other crypto supporters joined a Wechat channel in order to exchange red envelopes. A red packet or red envelope is a monetary gift that is popular during special occasions in China and other Asian territories. Cindy Wang said she had sent Jihan a message and said: “I want to invite you to our SA Wechat group to send a red envelope”

Red Envelopes and BCH: Prominent Mining Execs Jiang Zhuoer and Jihan Wu Bolster Bitcoin Cash

Wang said that Jihan Wu joined the group and distributed three really big red envelopes. One left a message that said: “Happy LNY, Angel and Angel’s fans,” another one stated “Be lucky in the year of OX,” and the third one said: “No matter how high BCH price hits, keep building for our country.” Wang told that she believes Jihan Wu knows that “BCH is going to rise.”

“We were all so excited, and texted: ‘I love Jihan.’ And then a few people asked me to invite Jiang Zhuoer, I did and Jiang joined us,” Wang said.

The Satoshi’s Angels’ cofounder detailed that Zhuoer chatted with the group and he also sent “big red envelopes.” Some of the messages Zhuoer sent said: “Big block will win,” “Big is beautiful, more is good,” and he also said “Leverage makes you homeless. Mining makes you rich.”

The SA cofounders were extremely thrilled with Jiang Zhuoer and Jihan Wu’s BCH optimism. “Even though Jihan has been a low key about what’s happening at Bitmain, we can all tell that he has a deep feeling for bitcoin cash,” Wang told “Jihan told me that he reads our Bitcoin Cash weekly news, and his appearance on new year’s eve really cheered up the Chinese community,” she added.

The discussion with Jiang Zhuoer and Jihan Wu follows BCH’s recent price run-up, as the crypto asset has seen massive gains during the weekend’s trading sessions. On Saturday morning (EST), BCH was swapping for $549 per unit and then touched a high of $728 at 10:02 p.m., jumping a whopping 32.60%. At the time of publication on Sunday, BCH is exchanging hands for $688 per coin.

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