Sky Mavis wants to escape Discord, SocialFi boosts gaming revenue: Web3 Gamer

Web3 games build communities on Discord but Sky Mavis wants that to change, SocialFi is the key to increased game revenue, MetaRun review.

Discord community groups for blockchain games can be overwhelming and annoying to navigate, but dont worry they wont be around forever, according to the co-founder of the company behind the hit game Axie Infinity.

The reason why these games are using Discord and Telegram to build their communities is a lot due to gatekeeping from these publishers or the app stores because blockchain games cant get distribution from normal channels such as iOS in the same way others can, Sky Mavis chief operating officer Aleksander Larsen tells Web3 Gamer.

Because of this, blockchain games are at a disadvantage compared to traditional ones right from the start, and developers have been forced to find other ways to get the word out without essentially resorting to mailbox flyers.

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