Telegram’s Pavel Durov is wrong about Signal — and has been for years

Considering Telegram doesn’t even offer end-to-end encryption by default, founder Pavel Durov has a lot to say about his messaging app’s competitor.

Telegram founder Pavel Durov put the encrypted messaging application Signal on blast this month, arguing in a May 8 post that its privacy mechanisms amounted to a “circus trick.” His commentary was purpose-built to undermine the rival messaging app, but Durov’s history with Signal and Telegram’s own privacy credentials make it hard to take his comments seriously.

Durov has been throwing stones at Signal for years. In 2017, he predicted we’d find a backdoor in their protocol within five years. Seven years later, that prediction has missed the mark. A few years later, Signal founder Moxie Marlinspike posted a thread suggesting we should stop calling Telegram an encrypted messaging app.

Signal and Telegram do not like each other.

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