Torque Drift 2 devs quit after Web3 pivot; game NFTs are not securities: Web3 Gamer

Ten devs quit Torque Drift 2 after studio added blockchain, Saga CEO says in-game assets aren’t securities, MetaFighter review: Web3 Gamer.

Changing direction can be nerve-wracking for any company. But when Grease Monkey Games founder Arran Potter told the team they were moving into Web3 gaming, he had no idea it would result in 10 employees quitting the compnay.

We told the studio this is whats happening. Were going into this space, then we lost a bunch of staff. They just didnt want to make a Web3 game, Potter tells Web3 Gamer.

We lost maybe 10 people over a period of a month or so, he adds.

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