ZkSync’s Gemholic project suspected $3.5M rug pull

Community members are currently trying to trace the Gemholic contract creator’s address, supposedly funded by Binance.

The cryptocurrency community is buzzing with concerns following a suspected rug pull incident involving the Gemholic project and the zkSync network. 

Several users affected by the alleged Gemholic scam have taken to the X social platform to raise awareness. NSerec, the founder of Zkmarkets, confirmed that Gemholic stole $3.5 million.

In the X post, NSerec claimed that Gemholic had deceived its investors for a year by falsely promising refunds. Once the funds were finally unlocked, the team executed what appeared to be a rug pull. NSerec revealed that the address of the contract creator was supposedly funded by Binance and asked community members who have insights on how Binance might assist, to reach out to them.

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